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Urlaub und Information: MILOS

MILOS what to do, what to visit, where to go, where to eat, booking hotels, nearest airports, photos, general information, tips, etc..
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Hotels in MILOS
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Glaronissia Hotel
Best Western Hotel Del Mar
Villa Tania
Kostantakis Winery
Villa Sosanna
Pollonia Studios
Iliopoulou Studios
Heliotropio Studios & Apartments
Niki Savvas
Apollon Rooms
Efi's Rooms and Studios
Captain Stavros
Ostria Vento
Marias Rooms
Michalis Studios
Mirabeli Studios
Paleochori Studios
Garifalakis Comfort Rooms
Villa Blue Eden
Kalimera Studios
Anna Rooms
Nefeli Sunset Studios
Perla Rooms
Milia Gi
Kapetan Tasos Suites

Flughäfen in der Nähe MILOS zu einer maximalen Entfernung von 250 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS
MLO - Milos Island 1.68 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
PAS - Paros 69.31 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
JNX - Naxos 91.80 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
JSY - Syros Island 92.19 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
JTR - Santorini National 96.76 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
JMK - Mykonos 114.19 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport
NLV - Mykonos Island National Airport 114.39 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Internationaler Flughafen
CHQ - Chania Souda 131.65 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Internationaler Flughafen
KIT - Kithira 136.97 Km vom Zentrum von MILOS - Regional Airport

Allgemeine Informationen über MILOS
Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete. Milos is the south-westernmost island in the Cyclades group. The island is famous for the statue of Aphrodite (the "Venus de Milo", now in the Louvre), and also for statues of the Greek god Asclepius (now in the British Museum) and the Poseidon and an archaic Apollo in Athens. The Municipality of Milos also includes the uninhabited offshore islands of Antimilos and Akradies. The combined land area is 160.147 km2 (61.833 sq mi) and the 2001 census population was 4,977 inhabitants.
Quelle: wikitravel
There are a number of museums worth visiting. The Mining museum is located on the waterfront at Adamas and provides a glimpse of the mining history that dates back to Neolithic age. The Archeological museum on the Milos island in Greece is located in Plaka, the capital of greece milos, and houses the famous statue of Venus de Milo. The History and Folk museum of Milos is walking distance from the Archeological museum, and is housed in a 200-year-old dwelling, serving as a reconstruction of the Miloan lifestyle from the 17 th century onwards.

The Catacombs date back to the end of the 2 nd Century A.D. Three catacombs are connected through passages where many Christians are buried in family graves. A Roman theatre dating back to the Hellenistic period is located close to the catacombs.

Best Beaches

Sarakiniko - Rocky, moon-like surface, probably the most visited of the Milos beaches.
Papafragas - Thin waters, unusual landscape.
Firopotamos - Occasionally wavy, small sandy beach and rocky surface with some houses in water (Syrmata).
Papakinou - In Adamas(main port), clear, shallow waters.
Lagada - Also in Adamas. Cold, clear waters. Beach is good for resting, as there are many shady trees and a beach bar.
Hivadolimni - Turquoise, shallow waters, many aquatic activities are offered there.
Paleochori - Party beach surrounded by colourful volcanic rocks. There are some restaurants and beach bars.
Tsigrado - Sandy beach with caves and shallow colourful waters.
Kleftiko - Snorkellers destination, colourful crystal clear waters. You can go there with daily trip sailing boats.
Sikia - In a cave with volcanic atmosphere. You can go there with daily trip sailing boats.
Provatas - Beach with waters similar to Hivadolimni.
Ayia Kyriaki - Organized beach with clear waters. Offers water sports and beach bars.
Psaravolada - Has many similarities with Ayia Kyriaki, especially since they are right next to each other.
Pollonia - Located in the town of Pollonia, similar to Lagada and Papakinou beaches.
Mitakas - Crystal clear waters.
Fatourena - Quiet, undiscovered beach.
Rivari - Famous beach with breathtaking golden sand.
Ayios Ioannis - Shallow and unspoiled beach on the West coast of Milos.
Gerakas - Small but shallow beach near Ayia Kyriaki.
Agathia - Isolated but colourful beach on the Northwest side of the island.

This is just a sample of more than 30 beaches that Milos island offers.

Milos Mining Museum, Adamas-Neochori part. Relatively new museum, all about the miners and geology of Milos island. edit
Sunset at Plaka, Plaka. Almost anywhere in the village of Plaka, you can find a beautiful sunset, often compared to the beautiful sunsets of Santorini island. Plaka is a very picturesque village so don't miss out on it! edit
Tripiti village, Tripiti. Very picturesque. There is an ancient theatre, catacombs, and windmills in Tripiti. Tripiti is also the site of the discovery of Venus de Milo, probably the most famous statue of a Greek god or goddess. edit
Sarakiniko beach. Rocky, volcanic beach. Feels like you are on the moon when you are at Sarakiniko. Very picturesque. edit
Klima village, Klima (take the steps down the hill from Plaka to the water.). A very colorful seaside village, with similarities to Procida, Italy. edit
Sikia cave. get there by boat.
Quelle: wikitravel
The most representative kinds of the Melian cuisine are the “pitarakia” (small pies) - filled with peppered dry cheese or cream-cheese with mint,- the sweet-smelling “karpouzopita”- a traditional sweet pie made of water-melon and of course the “glyko koufeto” made of a sweet pumpkin’s kernel with honey and almonds.

The pastry ‘’Glyko koufeto” is served at weddings and engagements by the bride’s mother. The honey symbolizes the sweet life the couple is to live, whereas the almonds stand for the fruits of fertility.

In the numerous restaurants, taverns, grill-houses and eating-houses of the island, you have plenty of choices: You can taste fresh fish and dishes from the international cuisine. We strongly suggest you try the delicious “astakomakaronada”- lobster spaghetti, grilled octopus or octopus cooked in wine, fresh fish, “ladenia” (tasty pie with oil, tomatoes and onions), as well as dishes made of local meat kinds, such as braized rooster or rooster cooked in wine , lamp baked in the oven with sauce and many other dishes.
he island has a warm climate with little rainfall during the mild winter months. The Meltemi wind blows during the summer. September is the best time to visit greece milos. Beautiful hot springs settled in the hills, are surrounded by natural rock. Milos island in Greece is not referred to as the "geological museum" for nothing. The island is rich in obsidian, alum, perlite, sulfur, barite, kaolin, and bentonite. White sand characterizes the miles of beautiful strands and inlets where the turquoise colored water from the ocean meets the land.
Quelle: milos-island


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